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Damage RepairWhen it comes to the best service for your water damage and mold removal needs across Arizona and surrounding areas, you can count on the expertise and rapid service you receive from DryRight Restoration.  You can read about your guarantee of great service here, and from our other happy clients here.  Discover the DryRight Restoration difference:

Professionals1. ONE CALL DOES IT ALL: From a single call we have the complete team and licensing to diagnose, repair and restore your home.  DryRight Restoration can complete the task with the ultimate in convenience.  You won't be left juggling multiple contractors, we can handle it all.

Fast Response2. EXPERT WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION: If your home or basement has been damaged by a water or sewer leak we have the technology and know-how to help minimize the damage and restore the property.  Read more here: water damage Arizona.

3. ONE DAY MOLD REMOVAL: Where there has been leaking water there is a risk of mold.  Our unique approach to mold diagnosis and removal means that we can often restore property without the demolition that other companies might recommend.  Best of all we can remove the mold in a day, all backed by a guarantee.  Read more here: mold removal Arizona.

Care For Your Property4. RAPID RESPONSE 24 HOURS: Our teams are on hand 24 hours, 7 days for an emergency response when you need it, as soon as you call our team will be on their way for your convenience and peace of mind.

5. INSURANCE CLAIMS & FINANCING:  We can diagnose the issues and scope of repairs and provide a quote in advance before we start any work.  DryRight Restoration can also liaise with insurance companies, and provide financing options.

6. GREAT VALUE:  Benefit from our commitment to the best service and value.  We've invested in the technology which can help SAVE you money by working faster, and avoiding unnecessary demolition that other companies often undertake.

7. FREE ESTIMATE:  Enjoy a FREE estimate from DryRight Restoration, and discover the benefits of our great service for yourself.

8. PROFESSIONALS: DryRight Restoration is professional, experienced, and fully licensed and trained.  For example our lead mold consultant has a PhD doctorate in Environmental Studies, and is often called as an expert witness on mold.  Our technicians are polite, clean-cut and presentable and will look after you.

9. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED SERVICE: You can count on the great level of friendly service you receive.

For the best in Arizona water damage restoration and mold removal, and to arrange a FREE estimate, call and speak with DryRight Restoration 24 Hours, 7 days.

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